holistic occupational therapy
to treat the mind, body and soul

What can Simple Serendipity Health do for you?

  • Find education on sensory processing, including courses to help you help your child
  • Learn purposeful body movement through children’s yoga that adds regulation and calm to our days
  • Discover wellness practices that can be used for all ages!

Yoga Classes Coming Soon!

With the majority of children participating in distance learning, now is the perfect time to introduce your kid to all the fun yoga has to offer with physical activity, plus learn tools for safe stretching and breathing techniques to be in control of our bodies.

My Approach

Who I Am and Why I Am Here For You…

My name is Alli Carbone, and I am a licensed pediatric occupational therapist and children’s yoga teacher.  I founded Simple Serendipity Health and Wellness as a holistic occupational therapy company that takes the foundation of life skills and brings it a step further to not only address abilities, but also looks into underlying needs to help the whole person. Simple Serendipity treats kids of varying needs by focusing on sensory processing to meet the child where they are at to succeed. I use holistic techniques for exceptional full person care, with an extra focus on parent education. I offer a variety of services to meet your need to look after the mind, body and soul of the whole family, including yoga and sensory processing for children, and raindrop technique services and reiki practices for parents who also need a bit of care and attention. Join us on a full well-being journey with techniques and training for helping us help you!

For your greatest convenience, our services are provided through online services. Based on the treatment and personal needs for you and your family, other service options, such as in-person yoga classes for children, raindrop technique massage, and reiki can be done in-home in the Southern California area. All services are provided by appointment only.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to learn more about the company or for details about the services we provide.

Mastering Your Child’s Outbursts with the Sensory Diet

Now Available

Are you overwhelmed with your child’s frequent meltdowns in home and around town? Have you tried multiple therapy sources and are seeing limited regular results for your child? Are you tired of spending countless hours on web searches for a bit of help?

With many buzz words thrown around in the world of special needs, very few are explained enough to truly help parents understand.

​I’ve worked as an occupational therapist in multiple pediatric settings with kids of all ages and see the confusion all too often in parents just like yourself.

​It’s time to stop feeling neglected when we are all supposed to work as a team.

With my knowledge of the sensory system and sensory integration therapy, I have broken down the parts that are most important to understanding what a sensory diet is and how you can work to create a sensory diet for your child.

Areas Of expertise

Children’s Yoga


Family Education and wellness

Raindrop Technique


Infant feeding training


Sensory Processing and mindful practice

energy healing services