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Holistic Occupational Therapy Services that Focus on the Whole Person

Allison Carbone (Miss Alli to her kids!), founder and owner of Simple Serendipity Health and author of Taming Your Child’s Outbursts with the Sensory Diet, is an occupational therapist that has focused on the world of pediatrics for the majority of her career! From working in both schools and the outpatient setting, she has extensive experience with children with varying needs. Over the years, she has learned that great service begins and ends with families, not just treating and addressing the child’s needs, but the family as a whole for growth and wellness. As a practitioner that has worked in multiple pediatric settings, Alli has seen a great need for family education and support with the provision of holistic services to benefit children throughout their days, not just in the time when they are in a therapy clinic.

Simple Serendipity Health & Wellness is committed to giving your family the support and education needed with the highest level of quality, either in office or in the home. With a focus on personalized services based on you and your child’s needs, educational and wellness services for parents to be at their best to advocate and learn how to help their child, competitive rates and customer satisfaction, we’re always striving to meet and exceed expectations. .