Andra Tutto Bene: Behind All the Rainbows

May 4, 2020

Andrà Tutto Bene…have you seen this statement around in other posts and videos? The statement “andrà tutto bene” is an inspirational Italian statement that translates to “everything will be alright”, something that needs to be shouted from the rooftops at this crazy time (and in some places, probably is!) These are some crazy times we are all going through all over the world, something that should unite us in care and compassion.
It was my dad, with our amazing Italian heritage (thus, my last name, Carbone!), that first told me this phrase, and it is such a beautiful mentality to come out of one of the first hard hit countries in the world.

In early March, we began seeing families in Italy posting paintings, drawings, and banners with rainbows and this Italian phrase. Italy was the first country, outside of China, to feel the devastating impact of this pandemic, but in the middle of this crisis, the Italians rose up through the pain to show some optimism for the future. This trend has spread throughout Europe, the UK, US, and Canada to show support for the hardworking health care professional and essential community workers helping to ensure our countries keep running.

The addition of rainbows with the message is something so perfect and I wish I thought of it! Rainbows are often seen as the good that can come out of a storm, and there isn’t a soul out that that hasn’t felt a bit of an internal storm the past few months.

We may not be in the same boat,

but we are all in the same storm.

Rainbows hold a great deal of symbolism; being a good omen in most cultures and religions. Hope, promise, a sign of good things to come, and connection are among the most popular and common beliefs when it comes to these beautiful phenomenons of refracted light in water droplets.

Everything will be alright…hope and good things are to come. We will weather this storm together (but apart) and come out on the other side of all this stronger and more beautiful in our compassion for others.

Download this worksheet, that was created as a joint effort by me (an OT) and my mother (a PT) by joining forces across the country, to share with others the story behind the rainbow, a little beauty in Italian, and to make your own special rainbow to show off. Paint, color with crayon or marker, use stamps…anything goes in making your rainbow uniquely you!

We live in an incredible time where even apart, we are never alone.

Andrà Tutto Bene!

About Alli

Alli Carbone, MS, OTR/L, CCYT, is a pediatric occupational therapist that specializes in using yoga for sensory processing skills and education for the whole family.