Trigger Patterns

I am assuming you found this page in the meltdown chapter for the book Taming Your Child’s Outbursts with the Sensory Diet…so welcome!

Do meltdowns make a bit more sense now? There are many underlying factors to these outbursts, but just because there are so many possibilities does not make it impossible for you to figure out the triggers to help your child! I have developed this handy-dandy chart that can be used to help you evaluate a bit what a meltdown is occurring, including items to write down to see if a pattern emerges in the behaviors, like:  time of day, location/setting, and describing the behaviors.

This chart can be used for as long as you wish to chart some data on the meltdowns, but a week is sufficient to see all different locations and various routines of your child.

Download this PDF file of my sample trigger chart now for you personal use!