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Yoga: a Sanskrit word for “union”, as in the union of the mind and body! Even if you have never tried yoga yourself, yoga for kids is a bit different from what you imagine. Through Simple Serendipity Yoga, kids will learn basic yoga poses to stretch out their bodies in safe ways to gain balance and flexibility, while also focusing on breathing strategies with the use of stories, games, and fun. Classes are hosted live for a more personalized experience for all kids! Are you interested in joining a class?

Simple Serendipity Yoga offers group and individual online classes based on the needs of your child. Taught by Miss Alli, a licensed occupational therapist and certified children’s yoga teacher, all classes are adapted to the ages and skills of the class.

Group classes are offered as monthly sessions!


After-School Yoga

For the school-aged kiddos who really need to move! This class is especially designed for those that are participating in distance learning and need to learn new ways to get some energy out after their school day. Through stretching in yoga poses and learning sequences, kids will strengethen their memories, body awareness, and coping skills. 

Bedtime Yoga

Bedtime is especially tough for some kids and a routine is helpful to calm the brain and body down. In this once a week class, kids will learn calming body techniques with breathing, meditation, and yoga poses specific to helping the body get ready for the important task of sleep!

Preschool Yoga

Designed for our little yogis out there, parent involvement is encouraged with this preschool class for ages 3 to 5. Through the use of stories and games, we will learn about body parts, colors, and basic calming techniques with breathing.


Our Students and Parents Love Us

“Miss Alli as the children happily call her is a wonderful yoga Instructor who shares her love for yoga  with our children and teaches them using fun and gentle  poses while engaging their mind, heart and body. She has a spark in her eye radiating joy while being soft and gentle spoken. Children trust her almost immediately. My 8 years years deeply shy old son has been a student of Miss Alli for a year now. He can happily talk about cloud pose or tree pose to his friends now with pride. Yoga has opened his world, heart and  and given him calm. Miss Alli showed him the path and for this I am so grateful. She has a way to teach children individually and see their soul deeply. Before long, they all find their favorite pose!”
Vanessa Barthe-Smith

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Helena Smith