Yoga Sequence for Autism and ADHD

from Mastering Your Child’s Meltdown

Yoga is a funny thing. Often I have found people shy away from yoga because of religious reasons, but although the idea and mentality did originally come from Northern India 5000 years ago, it is not a religion. It is a philosophical practice for the mind, body, and soul. I use yoga stretching (asanas) for flexibility and keeping my body in check…without the basic stretch sequence I do nightly, sleep does not come easily! 

I have developed this simple basic sequence chart over my years of continuing education courses and yoga practice aimed specifically at children with autism and ADHD for their focus. Click the button below to download the PDF file and enjoy the sequence…and don’t forget to add your own fun flair! Yoga for kids is meant to be fun!

As a Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher, I have been trained in making yoga accessible for all abilities and disabilities, focusing on the stretching, breathing and overall mindfulness of the body in our movements and thoughts. Yoga is not something scary, but if you would prefer to call this “mindful stretching” go ahead! Anything that you can do to help your body and the body of your child is amazing.